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Catastrophic EMS Services



Steve Franks, CR, WLS, ASCS, CLR

  • Large Loss consultant
  • Senior Project Manager


Certified Restorer(RIA), specializing in large losses

Water Loss Specialist(RIA), specializing in large water losses

  • Katrina, Senior project manager for over $20 million in losses
  • Cayman Islands, Senior project manager for Cayman Government 40 buildings damaged by hurricane
  • Cayman Islands, Senior project manager,completed projects on most government building and schools including the building where the Parliament meets.                                                                                                                                
  • Arlington, VA. Senior project manager Marine base flood damage                       
  • New Jersey, Senior project manager for elementary school $500,000 mold remediation project
  • Clarksville, TN. Senior project manager Army base mold remediation projects
  • Memphis, TN. Senior project Manager Mold remediation for Navy visitor Center(Hotel)
  • Owego, NY. Senior project manager with 6 project managers handling the Schools, County buildings, Courthouse, County Maintenance and several major area commercial buildings

Air Systems Cleaning Specialist(NADCA)Large loss Duct Cleaning

  • Louisville Kentucky,  Senior project manager, 25 story Office building duct cleaning
  • Navy Base, Panama City Beach, Fl. Cleaned  all base housing, numerous base office buildings
  • Army Base, Ft. Riley, KS. Duct cleaning in numerous buildings and hangers
  • Schools, commercial buildings too numerous to mention
  • Atlanta, GA, Senior project manager retirement facility, 120 units
  • Other projects too numerous to mention.


Expertise in coordinating multiple large losses with multiple project managers, setting

complex schedules and delivering the completed projects, on time and within or under budget. Capable of working and getting all involved parties working together toward successful project completion.



Disaster Recovery Procedures

Our #1 goal is to provide direction in the time of crisis.


We do this by :

1. Having people around us that are thoroughly knowledgeable on catastrophic loss management.

2. We got our training in hurricane Andrew in 1992. Developing systems when there were none. Water damage, mold remediation protocols, document preservation, electronics restoration.


How we can help you!


Environmentally Safe chemicals, most are more effective than the heavy pesticides normally used.


Accurate, ethical job costing, monitoring and billing, in a format easy to understand and accepted by the insurance industry.


On a large loss in New York after Sandy an adjuster complained that we made it hard for him to adjust the claim because we were moving faster than his other losses. We were in there with a purpose and the drive to get it done!


1. Assess the loss

2. Work with owners and adjuster to agree to the scope of damage.

3. Provide a written plan and timeframe.

4; use all available resources to make it happen!


Recovery is a TEAM effort.


T    Training

E.   Environmentally effective chemicals and methods

A.   Always working toward clear and open communication, fantastic documentation

M.  Meeting expectations is our prime directive


We would love to be part of your TEAM !


Steve Franks, CR, WLS, ASCS, CMI, CLR